Letter From Dave Ramsey

Mr Weiman:

I saw a mention of your magazine on the Cessna 195 website this morning. I was not aware of your publication, so I checked it out and enjoyed it very much, especially seeing the picture of Kalvin Arder’s C196, along with a couple of C195s. (First-Timers From The Midwest Fly To Sun n Fun, June/July 2012).

The thought crossed my mind that you may be interested in running a press release on our airport here in central Alabama (08A) that is facing closure, or at the very least, being moved. A few local politicians and bureaucrats have targeted it as a good spot to place an industrial park…no news there.

In defense of the airport, we formed a support group called “Elmore County Aviation Alliance” (ECAA) with the goal of stopping this move. We have produced an interesting documentary video that runs 13 minutes and contains interviews of some 21 people who love the airport. I would appreciate your taking a look at our website from which you can go to the video and perhaps then, run a news release in your magazine and on your website, to generate more viewers of our video. While we certainly are not located near each other, all publicity is good, and this threat we face is common these days.

Our website is at: http://ecaa08a.org/index.html

Thanks very much for any consideration.

Dave Ramsey
Elmore County Aviation Alliance
Wetumpka Municipal Airport
Wetumpka, Alabama

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