Wisconsin’s Pilot Safety Program

by Jeffery R. Taylor
WisDOT Aviation Consultant – Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics

Acore mission of the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics is improving general aviation safety. WisDOT-sponsored pilot safety or “Wings” programs are the primary method of accomplishing that goal. For decades, bureau aviation consultants have partnered with FAA and local speakers to present timely, relevant safety information to Wisconsin pilots.

Safety topics vary, but the focus is usually on new safety information, with an emphasis on pilot decision-making, given that three of four general aviation accidents are due to pilot error. Recent seminar topics include current vs. proficient, the takeoff and landing challenge, pilot deviations, and iPads in the cockpit.

To find out when a safety program will be in your area, visit WisDOT’s pilot safety education web page at: http://www.dot.state.wi.us/news/events/air/pilot-education-seminar.htm, or search for programs on FAA’s FAASTeam website: www.faasafety.gov.

Pilots are encouraged to register at the FAASTeam website to receive email notifications of programs in their area and training credits in the Wings Pilot Proficiency Program. These credits can be used toward the completion of any phase of WINGS, satisfying the requirement for a flight review. Some aviation insurance companies also provide discounts to pilots who attend pilot safety programs.

Seminars have often been held at fixed base operations, but a safety presentation at an EAA chapter meeting offers a great opportunity to open doors to potential new members who share an interest in aviation.

If you are interested in hosting an aviation safety seminar at your airport, please call me at (608) 266-7347 or email jeffery.taylor@dot.wi.gov.

Always remember, takeoffs are optional, but landings are mandatory!

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