ForeFlight’s Review of The iPad Mini

IF YOU FEEL cramped in the cockpit with the 10-inch iPad, try the “iPad Mini.” The folks at “ForeFlight” have been flight-testing their ForeFlight Mobile on a 16 GB iPad Mini WiFi, paired with a Bad Elf GPS Pro, a new Bluetooth receiver. (The 4G iPad Mini with a GPS chip is now available.)

ForeFlight likes what it sees. ForeFlight Mobile runs beautifully on the Mini. It runs cooler and has a great feeling “slate” anodized aluminum case. Pilots in smaller cockpits – like an RV or even an F/A-18 – will find the Mini easier to handle, easier to mount, and much less of a space invader.

ForeFlight strongly recommends getting the 32 GB “WiFi + Cellular” iPad Mini, which includes an internal GPS receiver (with GLONASS support) and the option of LTE cellular data. The iPad Mini is 35% less expensive than the 10-inch iPad.

Your personal/single-pilot ForeFlight subscription will also permit the use of both your 10-inch iPad and your iPad Mini simultaneously. ForeFlight encourages you to fly with a backup iPad if your budget permits.

ForeFlight Mobile 4.7.3

ForeFlight has also released ForeFlight Mobile 4.7.3, which includes a new imagery view, plus a few bug fixes and performance improvements. The update is available for download from the App Store. Instructions for updating are on the ForeFlight website. ForeFlight is now also integrated with X-Plane. A short “how-to” video is available on Vimeo.

ForeFlight Mobile Pro

If you are flying into larger airports or IFR, “ForeFlight Mobile Pro” with ForeFlight’s own geo-referenced plates and airport diagrams, is a must have. ForeFlight Pro covers more than 13,000 airport diagrams and instrument procedures, making ForeFlight coverage the most comprehensive in the industry.

Upgrading from the standard package? ForeFlight pro-rates the cost. Pilots can upgrade online any time at

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