Airport Management Acts Fast To Save Loon Despite Seminar Lessons

EAGLE RIVER, WIS. – One day in May 2013, Eagle River Union Airport manager, Rob Hom, was attending a seminar at the Wisconsin Aviation Conference in Middleton, Wis., to learn how best to keep wildlife away from his airport. The following day he rescued a Loon that mistaken the wet blacktop ramp at his airport for a lake, and came to a crashing halt on landing.

“Unfortunately, one of the (two) Loons injured its legs,” said Hom. “Although wet, the surface of the ramp was still fairly abrasive. Can you say rug burn? Ouch!”

The other Loon was able to take off and fly to open water. With the assistance of Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Biologist Michelle Wood, Hom and Wood were able to easily capture the injured Loon and assess its injuries.

The seminar Hom attended at the conference was called “No Welcome Mats For Wildlife At Your Airport.”

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