If You See Something, Say Something… Airport Security Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Terrorists constantly think of new ways to defeat security protocols. They try to accomplish this not just at airports, but at courthouses, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, movie theatres and large outdoor events. Events with open gatherings are tempting targets to terrorists.

Think how easy it would be at a large aviation event, for instance, to show up, mingle with the crowd, then when there is a major speaker or band playing, raise havoc with an explosive device.

From immediate casualties, to increased financial costs, there are many consequences. The event would change in the future and institute increased security, which would raise the cost of hosting the event if it were to be held again.

It is important to consider what possible security measures can be implemented to decrease the consequences of a potential attack at mass gatherings. It is equally important that each person take security seriously. If something doesn’t seem right, or seems suspicious, get law enforcement involved immediately. “If You See Something, Say Something!”

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