Bifold Doors For Your Floatplane Hangar, Marina or Boathouse

Wind, waves or weather… If you’re living near the water’s edge and going through the hassle of tieing down your floatplane or watercraft to a dock or on the shore in windy waters or rainy, cold weather, you may wish to consider installing a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door on your floatplane hangar or boathouse.

Schweiss Doors offers both a one-piece hydraulic door, and a bifold liftstrap door.

Schweiss hydraulic and bifold liftstrap/autolatch custom made doors are also made to accept a number of different exterior claddings, from lightweight aluminum siding, to heavy wood planking. Heavy-duty hydraulic pumps and cylinders with top-quality top or bottom mount motors and bifold door liftstraps and auto-latches, can easily lift and tightly secure any size door.

For additional information, contact Schweiss Doors at 800-746-827 (

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