All 50 States Now Officially Recognize Importance of Aviation

The Alliance Across America is reporting that all 50 states have joined in to recognized the importance of general aviation. In all states except Montana, which issued a letter, recognition has been in the form of a statewide proclamation issued through either the Governor’s office or the State Legislature. In June 2014, there have been an unprecedented nine proclamations, including Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. Just five years ago, few states had issued any proclamations, and now, many states have begun issuing proclamations on an annual basis.

The Alliance is now working with many local counties and cities to pass proclamations at the local and city level. Examples of some of these recent proclamations include Branson, Missouri and Fargo, North Dakota.

Membership in the Alliance for Aviation Across America is as low as $25 or $100 per year. Mail check or money order to: Alliance for Aviation Across America, 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036 (

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