New Fixed Gear Aviator Style Sunglasses From Scheyden

Scheyden Precision Eyewear has introduced the C-130 model sunglasses, expanding the brand’s Fixed Gear collection, which includes the Albatross and Mustang models. The C-130 showcases a larger lens and titanium construction to give them added strength and durability with maximum optical clarity and comfort.

“Our friends and customers include scores of elite pilots, air racers and aerobatic stars who provide us constant feedback about the optical solutions they want and need inside and out of the cockpit,” says Jeff Herold, company founder and an instrument-rated private pilot.

“With the C-130, we’ve added something special by marrying the world’s most exquisite materials with sleek design for superior form and function.”

Constructed with the finest components, the C-130 features a hand-welded titanium frame front and spring-loaded hinges for complete comfort, even when worn with a hat, headphones or headset. Strategically-placed acetate serves the dual purpose of providing an attractive look and eliminating incoming side light. Scheyden’s distortion-free lenses are hand-ground and polished. They feature a hydrophobic coating to repel water and perspiration, and several layers of magnesium hexafluoride to diffuse ambient light and protect pupils from harsh reflections. The lenses also include a scratch-resistant finish and optional polarization.

For more information or to purchase Scheyden Precision Eyewear, go to: or call 800.851.2758.

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