Backup Door Opening Systems For Your Hangar Door In Case of Power Outage

Before you place an order for a hydraulic or bifold door, have you given any thought to how you would get that big, heavy door open in case of a power outage.

Schweiss Doors, manufacturers of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors, has backup systems that come standard with their doors, and additional ones you may also consider.

Hydraulic tractor fittings come standard on all Schweiss hydraulic doors. In addition to that the Schweiss hydraulic door can be opened or closed with a DC battery-motorized back-up control station that operates with the press of a button. The new compact hydraulic unit is also designed with a drill-driven backup using a 7/16-inch hex head. Just attach a socket to raise and lower your door at any time or from any position.

Emergency door lowering can also be as simple as turning a screw on the pump. Your large moving door will close at a controlled, safe speed, no matter the situation or emergency. It’s that easy – no mess, no oil drains back into the tank.

All Schweiss bifold doors have an electrical disconnect to allow manual operation by an emergency backup system if power is lost. Bifold doors can be manually operated in the event of a power outage using an emergency back-up hand crank, powered generator, battery powered drill, tractor-powered hydraulic coupler fittings or 12 Volt DC emergency backup.

Included is an electrical disconnect device to completely disable the door for service, maintenance and emergency backup operations. This will prevent the motor from operating when manually operating the door.

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