NationAir Aviation Insurance Offers Complimentary Contract Review For Commercial Clients

WEST CHICAGO, ILL. – NationAir Aviation Insurance now offers complimentary contract review to all commercial clients to help them reduce risk and save money. No other aviation specialty broker offers this service, according to NationAir President Jeff Bauer.

“Thorough contract review can significantly improve clients’ contractual standing and potentially save thousands of dollars,” said Bauer. While some underwriting companies offer contract review, their interests may differ from the businesses they insure, Bauer noted. Similarly, brokers may review contracts for clients, but their expertise lies in insurance, not contracts. NationAir has an objective contracts professional to provide review services.

NationAir’s contracts partner is Gary Stewart of Ascot Aviation Consulting. Prior to joining Ascot, Stewart was director of contracts for Signature Flight Support.

“Insurance and contracts are inexorably tied together,” Bauer said. “We ensure our clients are getting the most from their insurance by reducing their risk exposure with their contracts.”

NationAir is one of the country’s largest and oldest independent aviation insurance specialty brokers and handles insurance for more than $4 billion in aviation assets.

Founded in 1978, NationAir is headquartered in suburban Chicago and has field representatives in nine locations across the country, with clients in all 50 states and in 30 countries.

NationAir works with all major underwriters and has pioneered specialized programs to help the general aviation community reduce risks and operate safely. For additional information call 1-800-456-0246 (

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