Weekend Refresher Clinics For Bonanza & Baron Pilots

by Dave Weiman

A group of professional flight instructors with a particular love for Beechcraft piston aircraft, founded Bonanza / Baron Pilot Training, Inc. (BPT) in 2012.

BPT provides full-immersion pilot proficiency training in the owner’s Beechcraft Bonanza or Baron. BPT also provides training in Travel Air, Twin Bonanza, and Duke aircraft. Participants receive up to 4 hours of flight instruction in their aircraft, and ground school on topics ranging from aircraft maintenance, preflight inspections and avionics, to the use of iPads in the cockpit and new regulations.

I had the opportunity to sit in the BPT clinic held May 1-2, 2015 at Waukesha County Airport, Waukesha, Wis. The airport and Atlantic Aviation hosted the event.

At the end of the clinic participants received endorsements for their biennial flight review (BFR) and instrument proficiency check (IPC), providing all qualifications were met, and a course completion certificate satisfying the recurrent flight training requirements of their insurance company. Pilots that complete BPT training receive the highest premium discounts offered by their aircraft insurance company.

A one-day non-pilot companion clinic is available to non-pilot spouses, high school and older children, other family members, and friends.

BPT is an employee-owned company of professional flight instructors who have flight training and commercial or military flying experience. Each instructor is required to complete BPT’s standardized flight training program, so there is consistency among all instructors in the training provided.

I attended a Garmin GPS and iPad refresher workshop with CFII Randy Bailey of Fort Collins Colo., and a “walk-around” preflight inspection of a beautiful F35 Bonanza with CFII and IA, Dave Monti of Minden, Nevada. Midwest Flyer Magazine columnist, Mick Kaufman, is one of the instructors with BPT, and also participated at the Waukesha clinic.

BPT clinics are held on weekends throughout the country, year round, to limit time and travel for both participants and instructors.

For information on upcoming BPT clinics in your area, call 970-206-0182 and checkout BPT’s website: www.bonanzapt.com.

Avemco Insurance, Concorde Battery, Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc., Avidyne and headset manufacturer, Lightspeed Aviation, sponsor the BPT clinics.

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