Letter from John Craparo

Hi Dave:

Thank you for the coverage of our gyroplane flight in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine (Pilots Crisscross USA In Experimental Aircraft & Set World Records).

I received eight (8) messages from individuals who said they read about the flight in MWF specifically. One was a United States Air National Guard KC135 pilot who sent greetings from Qatar in the Middle East with a picture of the page from the magazine. He is based out of Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison, Michigan.

I wonder if I can get six (6) copies of the magazine. I am happy to send you a check for them and a subscription.

We have an embroidered mission patch and I would like to send you a few.

All the best!

John Craparo
Georgetown, Texas


Glad pilots the world over read about your exciting flight across the United States in your Magni M16 gyroplane.

Please keep us posted on any future record-setting flights. As for the KC135 pilot in Qatar, please send me his email address, so we can contact him. Thank you! The magazines are in the mail.

Dave Weiman

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