Letter from Thomas P. Curran

Hey Dave:

I sent you a complimentary copy of my book, “Millionaire Legacy.” My goal in writing the book was to share the real story behind Sean D. Tucker, Capt. Julie Clark, Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, and others. My book focuses on their perseverance and dedication to overcome tremendous challenges in order to reach ultimate victory. There have been stories that briefly mention their backgrounds, but my book goes much deeper and reveals their “true mindset” for achieving success.

I have also featured other well-known individuals, but it was critical for me to include Sean, Julie, and Sully.

“Millionaire Legacy” will be released in March 2016. I would appreciate mention of it in an upcoming issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine.

Thank you!

Thomas P. Curran
Author, Speaker, Radio Host,
Business & Life Coach
ISBN 978-1-63047-669-4, 245 pages, paperback: $18.95


Congratulations on the book! I am sure Sean, Julie and Sully appreciate your efforts, and people will gain from reading it.

Dave Weiman

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