Aircraft Owner Makes Efficient Use of Hangar Space

Tom Green of Marcelona, Mich., designed a home and aircraft hangar combination at Lakes of the North Airport to store his two airplanes – a Cessna T337 Skymaster and Lake 240 Renegade amphibian – four snowmobiles, four cars, and two 24-foot boats. In addition, the hangar has a 39 x 13-foot workroom.

“The whole hangar part of the house has no walls more than a foot,” Green says. “In between are seven doors. Starting out from one side of the house, there’s a garage door, then I have a 3-foot pass door for people to walk in. A 42-foot Schweiss Doors hydraulic door, another garage door and then a second Schweiss Doors hydraulic door follow that. Then there’s another pass door and a third garage door.”

From the air, Green’s hangar home is star-shaped, featuring the two 42 x 12-foot hydraulic doors from Minnesota-based manufacturer, Schweiss Doors. Green’s planes enter the hangar and are housed on elevated tracks, 3 feet above the ground to allow more usable floor space in the hangar. The hangar and hydraulic doors, both at a 45-degree angle from the elevated taxiway, blend into the home.

Green selected hydraulic doors over bifold doors because he needed the clearance and didn’t want the hangar any taller than necessary. Schweiss hydraulic doors operate smoothly and open to about 90 degrees.

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