Academy College Announces $40,000 Scholarship In Honor of World of Aviation Founder, Sherm Booen

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. – Academy College, serving the Twin Cities since 1936, hosted an open house, April 20, 2016 to celebrate its 80th anniversary and to announce the creation of a $40,000 scholarship named in memory of “The World of Aviation” radio and television program founder, Sherm Booen.

Academy College, located at 1600 W. 82nd Street, Suite 100, Bloomington, Minnesota, offers certificates, and two and four-year degree programs in Aviation, Information Technology, Medical, and Business. The Academy has partnered with its sister company, Thunderbird Aviation, for the flight training with locations at Crystal and Flying Cloud Airports.

Academy College has been in the Grazzini family for 58 of these 80 years between Albert Grazzini, and his daughter, Nancy Grazzini-Olson, president and CEO.

“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to continue my father’s legacy and dream of providing educational opportunities to students and their future employers,” said Grazzini-Olson in opening comments at the open house.

Scholarship applicants are required to write an essay on the legacy of Sherm Booen, who was a close friend of the Grazzini family. The aviation career scholarship, up to $40,000, is designed to continue the growth of aviation in Minnesota.

Academy College sets itself apart from other colleges and universities in that it provides technical courses in the student’s chosen profession. This frequently allows students to start their careers earlier, then go on to obtain their Bachelor Degree. In addition to classroom courses, Academy College offers online courses.

Faculty members include those currently working in their chosen field, so the curriculum is up to date and relevant. Job placement after graduation is important to the school.

“We are results driven,” said Olson. “Our goal is for our students to meet their career objectives and for our school to meet the needs of employers.”

Pilot and radio personality, Al Malmberg, the current host and producer of “The World of Aviation” on Minneapolis NewsRadio 830 WCCO AM, was on hand at the open house to pre-record an upcoming program with special guests who knew Sherm Booen, and grew up watching his program on WCCO television in the Twin Cities. The program now airs Friday evenings from 11:00 pm to 12:00 midnight, and is sponsored by Academy College and Thunderbird Aviation. Podcasts of all programs can be heard at The program is part of Malmberg’s weekday show from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Special guests on the Friday, April 22, 2016 broadcast included Academy College President Nancy Grazzini-Olson; Jeff Hamiel, Executive Director, Metropolitan Airports Commission; Fred Nauer, Chief Flight Instructor with Academy College and Thunderbird Aviation, who was National Flight Instructor in 2015; and Dave Weiman, Editor/Publisher, Midwest Flyer Magazine.

For additional information and scholarship applications, contact Julie Falk at 952-851-0066 (

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