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Can You Buy Replacement Aircraft Data Plates On The Internet?

by Greg Reigel Attorney At Law The Internet can be a wonderful thing. From the convenience of your computer you can buy most things aviation. Whether you are looking for pilot supplies, aviation paraphernalia or even an aircraft, it is … Continue reading

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FAA Publishes Clarification Regarding Fuel Reimbursement Exemption For Charitable Medical Flights

by Greg Reigel On February 22, 2013, the FAA published a Policy Clarification on Charitable Medical Flights addressing the reimbursement of fuel expenses for pilots. As you may recall, 14 C.F.R. 61.113 prohibits a private pilot from acting as pilot-in-command … Continue reading

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Don’t Accept A Clearance If It Will Result In You Violating The Regulations

by Gregory J. Reigel Attorney At Law In a recent Legal Interpretation issued by the FAA’s Office of Chief Counsel, an individual requested an interpretation of the phrase “necessary for takeoff or landing” as used in FAR 135.183(b). Apparently the … Continue reading

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