Privatization Poses Real Threat To GA

by Dave Weiman
Published in Midwest Flyer August/September 2017 issue

Aviation-wise, we believe President Donald Trump and some members of Congress have been misled by proponents of privatizing the air traffic control (ATC) system in supporting that proposal without first consulting with general aviation organizations which oppose privatization. It appears that President Trump is under the impression that we cannot modernize the ATC system unless it is privatized, and ignores the progress being made, and the sacrifices aircraft owners are making to meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2020 ADS-B out deadline.

At press time, general aviation organizations were rallying their members to contact their elected officials in Washington to urge them to oppose privatization legislation. Privatization would take the control of the air traffic control system away from Congress and put it in the hands of the airlines, shift costs to general aviation, and reduce support and service to rural airports. See page 25 for additional information.

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