From Washington To Washington

Published in Midwest Flyer – December 2017/January 2018 issue

Field Morey, an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor from Medford, Oregon, with roots in Wisconsin, and Conrad Teitell of Greenwich, Connecticut, an attorney with Cummings & Lockwood, successfully flew to all 49 state capitals in the lower 48 states, plus Alaska, in just two weeks in 2014. On November 8, 2017, Morey and Teitell teamed up again and flew from Renton, Washington to Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC. Their flight-time was 9 hours 59 minutes, including fuel stops. The previous record for a single-engine piston aircraft was 13 hours 48 minutes by a Cessna 210.

The flight was flown in Morey’s 2017 Cessna Corvalis TTx. The aircraft has a maximum cruising speed of 235 knots. Morey and Teitell flew most of the route at or above 19,000 feet, and made only two fuel stops – Miles City, Montana (KMLS), and Morey’s namesake airport, Middleton Municipal Airport – Morey Field in Middleton, Wis. (C29).

N241FR is Morey’s third Corvalis, and plans are to buy a 2020 model in a couple of years. (He already has a buyer for his 2017 aircraft.)

All of Morey’s Corvalis aircraft are nicknamed “The Green Hornet,” because of their lime green color. Each aircraft is equipped with the latest in Garmin avionics. Morey’s current Corvalis has a G2000 glass panel; NEXRAD weather radar; anti-ice, terrain and traffic avoidance equipment; an autopilot; and a Mountain High O2D2 oxygen regulator that uses the aircraft’s built-in tank.

Whether for business or pleasure, Field Morey, 79, has always used general aviation aircraft to go anywhere and everywhere, on his schedule, including flying to Scotland and England in a Cessna Turbo 210 in September 1980 with Nobel Laureate, Dr. Oliver Smithies.

Morey Airplane Company has been in the Morey family since 1932 when it was founded by Morey’s father, Howard Morey. Howard Morey founded the airport, Morey Field, in 1942. Field Morey took over the business in 1968 and moved to Medford, Oregon in 2002 with his wife, Karen, at which time his son, Richard Morey, took over the business and became the airport manager for the City of Middleton, which bought the airport in the mid-1990s.

Field Morey is known for his mountain and instrument flight training programs, “Morey West Coast Adventures” and “IFR West.” For additional information, visit or call 541-772-4582. In addition to the Cessna Corvalis TTx, Morey’s flight school operates a Cessna Turbo Skylane T182T. Both aircraft are equipped with Garmin glass panels.

Morey Airplane Company is known for its flight training, aircraft maintenance, air charter services, and fuel sales. Morey Airplane Company has a complete fleet of Cessna aircraft, from singles to twins, and provides both 100LL and Jet A self-service and full-service fuel sales. For additional information, visit or call 608-836-1711.

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