Response To Pilot Proficiency Article December 2019/January 2020

Published in Midwest Flyer – February/March 2020 issue

“The New Rules For Instrument Currency”
Article (Dec 2019/Jan 2020 MFM)

Dear Mr. Green:

Loved your article on the new wording for “instrument currency.” In your fourth to last paragraph, you say:

“There is one item that is still puzzling. The portion of the regulation that states that a person may act as pilot-in-command under IFR or weather conditions less than the minimum prescribed for VFR. Why does the regulation say IFR or weather conditions?”

I believe the answer to be that a PIC (pilot-in-command) can’t file IFR if he/she isn’t current. That’s why the differentiation between IFR and weather. Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) is different than Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC). So, basically, you can’t fly in conditions less than VFR or fly on an IFR flight plan unless those other conditions are met.

Curious if you think that’s correct?

Thanks again for the great article. I’m a CFII, but not actively instructing as I’m a full-time charter captain in the King Air 90 and was unaware of this regulation change!

Thanks again!

Jesse Kaufman
Wakefield, Nebraska

Dear Jesse:

Thanks first for taking the time to read the article, and second, thanks for your response. I see no reason to argue with your interpretation and believe it to be a correct observation.

Harold Green
CFII & Columnist
“Pilot Proficiency”
Midwest Flyer Magazine

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