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The 2012 Aviation Maintenance Technicians Conference was held at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, March 19 and 20th. It was an excellent opportunity for more than 400 aviation maintenance technicians to learn the latest technical information and techniques from industry experts. The conference provided networking opportunities, IA renewal hours, and a chance for industry exhibitors to promote and display their latest technology and services. There were several companies exhibiting that were offering career opportunities as the demand for skilled maintenance professionals in the industry continues to grow. The conference was sponsored by the FAA, MnDOT Aeronautics, and the Association For Women In Aviation Maintenance MN Chapter #3.

Plan now to attend the 2013 conference: March 25 – 26, 2013. Direct your questions to:


The MnDOT Office of Aeronautics has a program for airports and their communities called “Adopt-An-Airport.” Any public-use airport in Minnesota is eligible to participate in the program. It provides a means by which communities may become involved in their local airports and assist in the maintenance and beautification of airport facilities.

The Minnesota Adopt-An-Airport Program promotes increased awareness of the advantages and economic impacts that airports have on their cities. It is also a means of education by which the community can learn about aviation and aviation careers, and understand what activities take place at an airport.

Both the airport and its volunteer groups receive signs indicating their participation in the program that can be placed in a conspicuous location, such as the entrance to the airport. The signs serve to promote the program to the public and give recognition to the volunteer groups.

Now is the perfect time for individuals and/or their organizations to step up and adopt their community’s airport. It is a partnership that benefits the entire community. Contact your airport manager and sign up today! For more information, go online to: or contact:


The final great reminder is to Fly Minnesota Airports through MnDOT’s “Passport” program. This is a fun program that rewards pilots who fly to Minnesota’s publicly-owned airports, attend FAA safety seminars, and visit Minnesota’s aviation museums. Fly Minnesota Airports promotes safety and education, and encourages pilots to practice approaches and landings in many different environments to improve and practice their skills. It’s also a great way to support general aviation airports, businesses, and tourism throughout Minnesota.

How to Participate

Visit your local publicly-owned airport and request a free Fly Minnesota Airports program passport, or contact MnDOT Aeronautics for a passport: 800-657-3922.

Fill in the page at the front of your passport with your name and contact information. Each time you visit a Minnesota publicly owned airport, aviation museum, or participating FAA safety seminar, have your passport stamped in the appropriate box. At most airports, stamps are located in the arrival and departure buildings next to the pilot logbook. A sign at the airport identifies the stamps’ locations or go to for a document identifying their location at each airport.

When you have received the proper number of stamps entitling you to a bronze, silver, or gold level award, submit your completed passport to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Office of Aeronautics.

It’s as easy as that! Oh by the way, the program is open to ANY pilots. You do not have to be a Minnesota resident to participate, but the flying, safety seminars and museum visits must be in Minnesota.

Fly Minnesota Airports is a great way to discover Minnesota and its many beautiful airports. What are you waiting for? For more information check out the website at:

The Fly Minnesota Airports program is sponsored by your MnDOT Office of Aeronautics and the Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA).

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