Looking At The Year Ahead

by Cassandra Isackson
Director, Minnesota Office of Aeronautics

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season. Even though we have a number of cold weather weeks ahead, we can now begin to think about the coming spring. With that we should also think about the subjects and issues that are, or will be, very important to aviation this year.

This year we could see lots more activity on Unmanned Aerial Systems and the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the general aviation airspace. We may also hear additional and exciting news about Next Gen and the potentials it may offer. The point is that it will be a busy year for Aeronautics and for aviation in Minnesota and the country.

We look forward to the continued input from the many “alphabet” aviation groups to help us better serve our aviation public. Our plan is to continue to hold meetings with these stakeholders at least three, or perhaps four times per year to hear your concerns; to have open dialogues; and to build a stronger, more vibrant network of aviation professionals, aviators, and aviation businesses. Together, we can improve and maintain a healthy and active aviation community throughout the state.

I look forward to meeting many more members of our aviation family as this new year progresses. We may face a few hurdles now and then, but with your continued active dialogues and support, we will get through them and have a great aviation year. Remember, my staff of professionals and I are here for you.

Have a great year, and please continue to make safety your priority in aviation and in everything you do.

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