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From The Frying Pan, Into The Fire: PFAS/PFOS Concerns For Airport Operators

by Brad Maurer, JD, CPCU Published in Midwest Flyer – August/September 2020 issue Airports have long been concerned about environmental quality. Ever since we have understood the impact of fuel and degreasing solvent releases to the ground and the groundwater, … Continue reading

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Minnesota Revamps Taxes On Aviation… Changes Expected To Be More Fair & Vitalize Aviation In State

ST. PAUL, MINN. – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a 2013 Omnibus Tax Bill into law May 23, 2013, which includes several provisions that are intended to boost aviation activity in the state, make registration fees more equitable among aircraft … Continue reading

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Oregon & Washington Push To Develop New Aviation Biofuels Industry

If Idaho farmers get their way, they will be growing feedstocks that don’t compete today with food, such as ethanol has done with corn, driving up prices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture offered a program in Washington to encourage farmers … Continue reading

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Excise Fuel Taxes…

by David Mann, President Wisconsin Aviation Trades Association Several months back, I wrote to many of our members and advised them that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was auditing our airport and fixed base operation – Batten International Airport in … Continue reading

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