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Airspace Incursions

by Richard Morey © Copyright 2023. All rights reserved! Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine October/November 2023 Digital Issue At a recent FAASTeam training seminar, fellow pilot Jurg Grossenbacher brought up a disturbing trend. Airspace incursions are up. Pilots are flying … Continue reading

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The Address Airmen Give To The FAA Matters: Make Sure It Is Correct

by Gregory J. Reigel, Esq. © Copyright 2022. All rights reserved! Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine April/May 2022 online issue. The FAA wants to be able to track you down. Why? Aside from the obvious compliance and enforcement reasons, the … Continue reading

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Solution To GPS Jamming Impact Overdue

Published in Midwest Flyer Magazine June/July 2021 Online Issue WASHINGTON – The military’s jamming of GPS to simulate outages for defense exercises continues to create headaches for general aviation three years after an industry study recommended ways to minimize the … Continue reading

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How Close Is Too Close?

by Levi Eastlick WisDOT Bureau of Aeronautics Published online Midwest Flyer Magazine – February/March 2021 At a time when shaking hands or seeing a stranger’s smile might be as rare as an airworthy SBD Dauntless, there is no better escape … Continue reading

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You’re Doing WHAT? – Part 2

by Woody Minar Published in Midwest Flyer – October/November 2018 issue In the August/September 2018 issue of Midwest Flyer Magazine, I wrote about pet peeves that fight instructors and air traffic controllers around the country have shared with me in … Continue reading

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Minnesota Aviators Needed For International Learn To Fly Day

AirSpace Minnesota is seeking volunteers to celebrate the importance of aviation to Minnesota’s economic future, just as they did in 1938 during the National Air Mail Week Campaign. During this event created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the U.S. … Continue reading

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Your Freedom To Fly

Pilots must remember to be thorough and responsible from preflight planning to tie-down for the day. MTRs  * VFR pilots must take particular notice of where they are flying when simply flying for the fun of it. It is possible … Continue reading

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